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About David & Keiko

Stay Mello Creative is all about David and Keiko's best creative qualities and traits combined to create something  above and beyond what each is able to accomplish alone.

'The Three Stones of Ebon'  is an action-fantasy adventure tale that is gaining early acclaim. 


The Mellos currently envision their tale as a trilogy.

David Mello may have left Stuttgart, Germany in 1980 for the Pacific Northwest in his teens, but he is still an Army brat, divided between cultures of the U.S. and Germany. When not writing stories, he tends to have a camera in his hand. David’s long-standing love of comic books, standup comedy, and rooting for the underdogs of the world helped shape both his early and current writings, from children’s books, mini ‘zines, and various adventures in revolution.


Keiko Mello (Welch) hails from an interracial family and grew up in Minneapolis’ Northside in the 1970s. An introvert, she grounded herself in drawing, dancing, and a love of horses. By her teens, she pivoted to drumming in rock bands, and became a devout and lifelong “metalhead”. Restlessness drew her to the Seattle area in 1997, where she met David and the two have been inseparable ever since.


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